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Stump Grinding West Auckland

Stump removal west auckland
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When trees are cut down or are knocked down by the strong winds, the lower part of the trunk and the roots remain, in most cases. This is the part that is known as the tree stump and you must have seen one if you do not have it on your property. Stumps are the base of the tree and as such, they tend to be firm and steady. Most tree care companies will remove trees and leave the stumps to rot on their own. There are others who will provide some chemicals to help decay the stumps. Ultimately, stump removal is the best way to get rid of the stumps as fast as possible.

All the other methods may work, eventually, but they will take a lot of time and there are countless risks involved. Removing the stumps takes a lot of effort and time and this is why most people tend to leave the task to nature. In our cases we have stump grinding as the most effective way to remove stumps. We will use our powerful grinders to break down the stumps into small wood chips. We will go all the way below the ground level and get to the roots. This is a sure way to ascertain that the stumps will not continue to grow. If you have ugly stumps that are sticking out like a sore thumb, give us a call and we will be glad to help.

Stump Removal West Auckland

When you hire a contractor for West Auckland tree removal, it is important to establish what they are charging for. Some will just cut down the tree and let you find haulers. Others will not remove the stump. If you have tree stumps and you are thinking that they are not harmful, then you are wrong. There are so many dangers associated with tree stumps and this is why we recommend immediate removal. When the stumps start to rot and decay, they will attract pests, bacteria, and viruses, which are dangerous. The diseases will start to spread in the entire garden and this can be detrimental. If you have kids or pets, you do not want to leave the stumps sticking out. Your children may easily trip and fall over, sustaining serious injuries. Even if you have a beautiful landscape, the stumps will compromise this beauty and this is why you need to hire our arborists West Auckland to deal with the stumps effectively.

Stump grinding west auckland

Imagine the trouble you have to go through when mowing your lawn that is full of stumps? Give us a call and allow us to remove the tree stumps from your property. This enhances the beauty as well as the safety of your property.

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Stump removal and stump grinding are services that can only be administered by experienced and licensed contractors. Our West Auckland arborist is available to help you with these services and we will give you the best solutions. Call us and get a free quote.

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